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Team Trade Easy 5-4-9425

We are the Trade Easy Sports team! Not a family, but a family business.

We are Trade Easy Sports, love to tackle and always aim for the best of the best. Our team is known for its no-nonsense mentality and sporty character. We value personal and honest relationships: a deal is a deal. We are a close-knit team and value long-term relationships for employees, customers and suppliers.

With commitment and character, dreams can become reality. Dave Bus, started his professional career as a footballer with De Graafschap, later with FC Aberdeen and ended with Go Ahead Eagles. He was known for his dedication, perseverance and character. Always wanting to be the best… that has become the basis of Trade Easy Sports.

After his career as a professional soccer player, he started Trade Easy Sports in 2008. The company is now flourishing and has over 26 employees. Day in, day out, our team works together every day on the best solutions for buying and selling branded goods. We are based in Groenlo in the Netherlands and since 2020 we have an office in Poland. We now have customers in 33 different countries, both inside and outside Europe. Would you like to know more about our team, our solutions or our way of working? We would like to get in touch with you.

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Dave sportief
Dave Bus Director / Purchase / Sales
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Anne sportief
Anne Bus Director / Accounting / HR / Sales
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Tristan sportief
Tristan Doppen Orders / Marketing
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Nicole sportief
Nicole Tigges Debtor management / Sales / Marketing
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Thijs sportief
Thijs Navis Logistics
Gerben sportief
Gerben Warehouse
Erik sportief
Erik Warehouse
Pascal Sport def
Pascal Warehouse
Team Trade Easy 5-4-9395
Flexible colleagues
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